Thank you post

With this years festival just finished we must say how happy and exhausted we are, and we hope to see you all at Stour Space and Cre8 next year on August 23-25.
THANK YOU SO MUCH to all participants, judges, speakers and visitors, you are the ones who make this event great and we hope you enjoyed the festival. A very special thank you goes out to Joseph Keys – we cannot thank you enough for your help. Our amazing team of people helping us the days before the festival : Lori Demata, Eleonora Cristin, Luca Roberto , Zach Stathopoulus- THANKS!
Another special thanks goes to Antonio Putini and Simone Lezzi from Cre8 Studio London for letting us to use their spaces and to all the team of The Old Baths.
Thanks to the photographers who accepted to show their work with us: Alexander Yakimchuk, Lavinia Parlamenti,Yulia Rodnina and Michelle Groskopf. It’s been a new introduction on the festival and we are very proud of it.
We are happy that our new addition to the festival – street dinner – has proved to be a success. Million thanks to our own Sara Nicomedi whose brainchild it was for such a hard work to make it happen. And a special thanks to our chef Yolanda Antonopoulou and Natali Shaked for providing a great gig.
Thank you to everyone who brought their books to our bookshop and slept their hard earned money to support fellow photographers.. Stephen Leslie – thank you so much for jumping in to lead the photo walk on such a short notice. David Solomons, we can thank you enough for providing the frames. And of course, thanks to the amazing team at Stour Space: Jelica, Juliet, Artyom, Coby, Massimo, Neil, Marc and others.
And last but not least Gabi Ben Avraham who provided a great workshop!
We are eternally grateful to you all and I am sure we missed someone but that’s because we are so exhausted we need a few weeks to recover and then we will start working on bringing you an even better festival in 2019!
Team LSPF: Mary, Dmitry, Sara, Simon and Becky.
Photo by Reuven Halevi