LSPF judges: Shin Noguchi

We are happy to announce that Shin Noguchi joins our judging team!


Shin Noguchi, born 1976 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, is an award winning street photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo, Japan.


He describes his street photography as an attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, humanism and beauty among the flow of everyday life. With his discreet, poetic and enigmatic approach to his art, Shin is able to capture the subtleties and complexities of Japanese culture without relying on staged, no-finder or hip shot photography.


He has been invited to hold solo exhibitions in Russia, France, China (organized by Leica Camera) and other countries, and also He has been featured on The Leica Camera Blog many times, in Courrier Inte’l, Internazionale, Libération, The Guardian, The Independent, etc, and some assignment work has been also published in Die Zeit, Libération, etc, and his recent book “In Color In Japan” was published in Italy, 2020.


“The subjects tell me the meaning and value of life. To take a picture is to affirm the existence of people–the existence of human karma–and it’s also an opportunity to affirm my own existence and accept it as it is.”


You can find our more about Shin’s photography here:

Instagram: shinnoguchi

Twitter: shin_noguchi_jp