LSPF judges: Lu Wenpeng

Last year’s Single Photo winner Lu Wenpeng returns to LSPF to judge 2019 competition.
Born in China to a photographer father, Lu Wenpeng moved to France in 2004 and then worked as a motion designer in a Parisian communication agency. He started travelling abroad and bought his first camera in New York in 2008, where he felt deeply attracted by the mix of anthropology, architecture and humanism. He never stopped taking pictures ever since.

Lu Wenpeng uses now a Leica Q camera and focuses on street photography. He is the author of “Street Colors and Shadows”, published in China in 2017, and has won awards in Asia, Europe and United States. His work is based on the bold graphical lines and strong colors encountered in urban environments around the world, but its central element remains the people he portrays, his “unsung heroes” as he calls them.

You can find out more about his work here:
instagram: luwenpeng