LSPF 2020 Photo series contest finalists


We are happy to announce finalists in Photo Series category!


Piti Amraranga,Thailand


The “Adaptation” series present harmonious relationship between the object and its surroundings. There are the things that we have witnessed everyday without recognizing its beautiful harmony. Once we find its balanced convergence, we will notice such naturally-emerging sight.



Jeffrey De Keyser, Belgium


The photo series “Catharsis” is conceived as an associative stream of images from the unconscious, which alternates surrealistic dream images and symbolic fragments with seemingly fading memories and sublimated desires. Catharsis deliberately does not follow a linear storyline, but descends on an unpredictable path into the hidden depths of the human psyche, only to emerge as a fragmentary collage that is both purifying and disturbing at the same time.



Cosmin Garlesteanu, Romania


I realized in time that you need to respect your subjects… And if I’m attracted to comic shots, that is because they are part of daily life, and not to mock the subject.



Emil Gataullin, Russia


I live in the outskirts of Moscow, but in spite of that I rarely photograph there. I feel alienated by the rhythms and hassle of the big city. I prefer the quiet life of Russian provinces and the people there. That’s why I grasp at every opportunity to go as far away from the capital as possible, and prefer the small towns and villages in the countryside. This is where I look for inspiration for my work. Russian province isn’t just a place I love, it is my connection to my childhood memories, to my past, to my grandmother’s house where I first looked through my camera.



Joaquin Luna, Spain


Shadows​Being again Crosses, they cross. Escape. We’ll never cease being and we never were. Downcast, The mark condemns, sets free. Again, the paper is stained by blood The time goes back Clock hands are collapsing. The limit, the beginning is also there. Emptiness vanishes, they disintegrate, are forgotten, merged with the Whole. It’s only in your mind Like metallic voices that echo in the Dome​they rise, reflect, take delight in one another. They’re on the other side Behind the plastic curtain and they carry on, without being, Light.



Sonia Madrigal, Mexico


Tiempos Muertos / Dead Times (2009-2019) Every day thousands of inhabitants of the Metropolitan area of Mexico City travel long journeys in public transportation (minibus, combi, metro), around 4 hrs. daily, to reach our places of study, work or to get some service; this is part of the social phenomenon known as Floating population or Commuter of which I am a part. Therefore, for some years I began to document my daily commuting.



Mikhail Palinchak, Ukraine


Symptoms – an external sign of the disease. Symptoms that become our New Normal due to Covid-19 quarantine.



Stuart Paton, Italy


These pictures are part of an ongoing work attempting to evoke the disintegration of individual singularity and personal identity in the age of post-truth and Big Data. Project preparation comprised licking my finger and holding it up in the wind.



Antonino Sismo, Italy


PLEASURE BEACH CLUB Beach life in Mykonos is a “must”. The sea, the sand, beach chairs and umbrellas are simply a frame to emptied magnums of champagne and glasses filled to the brim, to fancy food for every taste and cocktails of the latest fashion. Every beach club strives to pamper its guests with the ultimate comfort and services to answer their every wish. Customers, with the automatic gesture of pulling out their wallets , can’t wait to be spoiled and show off this new status symbol : over – the – top fun and wealth, to be displayed at all cost.



Stavros Stamatiou, Greece


A glimpse on the surreal fragments of the world around us- a circus full of unintentional magicians, clowns and acrobats.



Winners will be announced on the 30th of August.

Congratulations and well done all!