Exhibitions: Ukrainian Street Photography Today

Even more curated exhibitions are coming at LSPF! This year we will explore modern Ukrainian street photography.


“Ukrainian Street Photography” is a community of photographers and art lovers exploring contemporary Ukraine, with the group initially  being born on Facebook  in May 2017. Since then, the initiative grew into something bigger, gathering people from all over the world with an interest in Ukrainian photography


The group can be safely called a visual archive of modern Ukraine. Photographers from different parts of Ukraine capture the environment they live in. These environments,  with they local specificity and general recognition of the Ukrainian context became  the basis for the exposition “Signs of Life”.  It is difficult to shoot street photography in Eastern Europe, because people do not spend a lot of time on the street, compared to some other countries, but only move from point A to point B. The name of the project is a direct response to this thesis and demonstrates that there are still signs of life on Ukrainian streets. Additionally, this title is the statement that Ukrainian street photography exists and thrives. And the exhibition is a factual confirmation of this.


Here is the list of photographers featured in the exhibition.


Alexander Nasa
Andrii Mur
Dmitry Stepanenko

Garry Efimov
Mikhail Palinchak
Misha Kulyk
Nazar Furyk
Nikolay Kolomiets
Oleksandr Lykhohrai
Roman Poliakov
Roman Tihiy
Taras Bychko
Tetyana Bunyak
Viktor Snitko
Volodymyr Petrov



It is the third exhibition project of the group, curated by Mykhaylo Palinchak, Volodymyr Petrov and Taras Bychko. 


You can find out more about the group here:

Ukrainian Street Photography 


Photo by  Tetyana Bunyak