Rebecca Wiltshire

Rebecca Wiltshire is a photographer from Perth, Western Australia. When she took up photography she found herself quickly drawn to the candid and surprising elements in street photography and is instinctively drawn to composing images with strong human interactions and emotional connections.


Rebecca has had success with her images in competitions and exhibitions in Australia and internationally. In 2019 she was a finalist in ISPF and had images exhibited as part of group exhibitions in Paris, Rome, Sofia, San Francisco, Brussels, Trieste and Sydney. In 2019, Rebecca co-curated two street photography exhibitions, including the well received “Two Way Street”exhibition at SFSF.


She is co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, an initiative that connects and builds the community of Australian women and non-binary street photographers, and is a co-curator of the international street photography platform @womeninstreet.


You can find out more about Rebecca’s work here


instagram: rebeccawiltshire