Olga Titova

Olga is an award-winning photographer, curator and author of photo books “Pride” and  “Private life”.
Her accomplishments include: 
Photo prizes:
-FUF (Moscow), short list 2013, 2014, 2015 Winner of 2016;
-MSPF (Miami), short list 2014, 2015;
-Eastreet-2 (Western Europe) short list 2014
-EPSON 2014, 2016, category “City”
-London Street Awards, short list 2014
-Street Photography Awards (USA), winner 2015
-Urban Street Awards (Italy), shotrlist 2016
-“Down by the river” (Observe Collective), short list 2017
Book prizes:
-Fuam Dummy Book Awards (Istanbul), 2017
-VienaPhotoBookAward, 2017
-PhotoBookFest (Moscow), 2017
She is also a co-curator INNERVISIONS-II (2016) and a curator  of the exhibition “Relapse private”.
You can follow Olga’s work here: