Muhammad Imam Hasan

Muhammad is a photographer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a paediatric cardiologist working at Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital and a street photographer in his spare time. He is a Fujifilm X photographer in Bangladesh and recently joined  Counter Foto photography institution.


He started photography in 2013 with capturing his daughter. Eventually, he discovered his deep interest  in street photography. He joined Pathshala in March 2013 and completed Basic and Foundation course in Photography.


His work is a unique composite of complex layers, emotions and precious moments in people’s lives.


Muhammad’s works featured in various national and international newspapers, magazines and online publications. He received various national and international awards including Grand Prize of StreetFoto San Francisco in 2017.


Muhammad is one of the founder members of Insight Collective.


You can find out more about his work here:

instagram: imamhasan_dhaka_sp