Lavinia Parlamenti

Lavinia Parlamenti was born in Rome in 1981 and got from her hometown that sweet’n sour spirit that she likes to transfer in the pictures she takes. She started to work as a freelance photographer in 2011, covering the Egyptian Revolution and discovering that she was more inclined to some sort of imaginative documentary photography rather then proper photojournalism.


Her Egyptian series “Voices of a transition” was shortlisted at the Sony Awards 2012. In 2013 she designed and self published “Roundabout#Cyprus”, a book made out of a project that she shot in Cyprus island with her fellow photographer Manfredi Pantanella. Roundabout#Cyprus was shortlisted at the Kassel Dummy Awards in 2013, selected by ANI at The Visa pour l’image in Perpignan (2014) and exhibited in many European book festivals (Rome, Athens, Kassel, Glasgow, Riga, MIA FAIR Milan). Since 2015 she curates the Instagram account Everyday_Italy, a collective collection of daily life pictures about Italy. Naturally attracted by paradoxes and contradictions, she enjoys bar talks and late nights walks. And many other things.


Lavinia is currently working on a long term project about geopolitical paradoxes in the world and lately likes to spend her free time spotting bike couriers’ life (not even owning a bike).  


Follow Lavinia’s work here:

instagram: i_say_lav