Krystina Stimakovits

“It was during my Fine Art degree course at Camberwell College of Art that I became enchanted by the processes of making photographs, which in the early 90s was all analogue. I subsequently worked in independent film and urban regeneration, but returned to photography in 2007 and it has been my main preoccupation since. 


Over the past decade my photographs have been selected for several exhibitions in various galleries and locations mostly London. I have been awarded two solo exhibitions in Budapest as well as a trip to China and a week’s residency in the ancient city of Yangzhou. Series of my work have featured in various international photographic magazines, both in print and on-line. I have also self-published several books, both on my own and in collaboration with another photographer, poet or artist. Currently I am curating “Factual Enigma”, a show of 20 London photographers, to be held end of April at the Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch.”


You can find out more about Krystina’s works here: