Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk started taking photos with a Canon Kiss and a zoom lens on a 30 day walk around the Japanese island of Shikoku in 2008.  Like many others, he shortly became obsessed with the medium, trying out a number of cameras, techniques and styles, before, rather unimaginatively, settling on street photography with a Leica.  The streets of Tokyo were a goldmine back then.  Fuelled by alcohol, desire, loneliness and an ambition to become a regular contributor to the Hardcore Street Photography Flickr group, he quickly developed a body of work in the style of Bruce Gilden – focusing on the strange and beautiful.  He was a founding member of Burn My Eye.


Charlie then spent 3 years in Turkey, dodging tear gas, being called a spy and getting into all manner of trouble, in order to document the country’s social and political upheavals.  This was a defining period in his photographic journey, and one where he feels he produced his most mature work to date.


Charlie has released one book – Katil Var from his time in Turkey, and his work from Japan will soon appear in a zine, tentatively entitled Violently Happy.  He is currently taking a sabbatical from photography, trying to work out what to do next.



You can find out more about Charlie’s photography here:

instagram: twocutedogs