We were so happy to see such a great selection of photo series at LSPF this year.


Third place goes to Sonia Madrigal, Mexico




“Tiempos Muertos / Dead Times (2009-2019) Every day thousands of inhabitants of the Metropolitan area of Mexico City travel long journeys in public transportation (minibus, combi, metro), around 4 hrs. daily, to reach our places of study, work or to get some service; this is part of the social phenomenon known as Floating population or Commuter of which I am a part. Therefore, for some years I began to document my daily commuting”.



Second place goes Stuart Paton, Italy

“These pictures are part of an ongoing work attempting to evoke the disintegration of individual singularity and personal identity in the age of post-truth and Big Data. Project preparation comprised licking my finger and holding it up in the wind”.



And the winner is Emil Gataullin, Russia



“I live in the outskirts of Moscow, but in spite of that I rarely photograph there. I feel alienated by the rhythms and hassle of the big city. I prefer the quiet life of Russian provinces and the people there. That’s why I grasp at every opportunity to go as far away from the capital as possible, and prefer the small towns and villages in the countryside. This is where I look for inspiration for my work. Russian province isn’t just a place I love, it is my connection to my childhood memories, to my past, to my grandmother’s house where I first looked through my camera”.