LSPF exhibitions: Alexander Yakimchuk

We are happy announce an exhibition by an Ukrainian photographer Alexander Yakimchuk.


Alexander was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1974 and started shooting at the age of 10. From 2006 on he is focusing on studying and teaching geometrical composition and the history of photography.


Alexander had solo exhibitions in both Ukraine and Turkey and this exhibition will focus on his work between 2010 and 2018.


This is what he says about his approach:

 “My first encounter with black and white photography happened at the age of 10, when my parents gave me a simple Soviet camera Smena-8, followed by getting to know film, its development and printing. My childhood years were spent with a camera in my hands, and this magical feeling of an image appearing photo-paper is with me to this day.


When I became older, I went back to the basics and this passion grew into something more than a hobby. Photography became a part of me.

Early on, I was deeply influenced by works of Jaromir Funke and his ambition to grasp feelings, especially love, and his deep-rooted faith that the light is transformed into love.


Our inner faith transforms the way we see the world and drives our quest for finding an inner balance. I embrace the beauty and the feeling of life, although observing it quietly and staying in touch with who I am. This is core to what I teach to my students – by looking inwards, you can work out things not only about yourself, but also about your art and inspirations.


It is in search of this feeling that I leave my house in my beloved Odessa every day. I could not have possibly expected that my childhood hobby would turn out to be something much bigger – that I would want to show Odessa to others, and the ways that I feel and love this city that made me who I am now.”


You can find out more about Alexander’s work here: