With almost a week after LSPF we are still recovering but believe – it was totally worth it!
Big THANK YOU to everyone who came to the festival and to those who submitted their work! This extends to our judges, portfolio reviewers, workshop leaders and panel speakers!
Special thanks to our dj Fari B and cameraman Blonski Cruz, and to our volunteers – Sara Nicomedi, Steven Kilmartin and Lynne Kaplan!
Stour Space – you’ve been amazing! Thank you so much for hosting us – Jelica, Juliette and Diane – you did an amazing job!
Special thanks to our sponsors – Palm Laboratory, Thomson Reuters and The Imaging Warehouse!
Ken Walton, Dani Oshi and Lynne kaplan – thank you for all your advice and support before and during the festival!
And thank you to everyone else, sorry if we missed someone in this post. You know we love you!
With Love,
LSPF team – Mary, Dmitry, Alison and Simon.
Photo by our Single Photo winner Hakim Boulouiz