Jess Hurd talk and Q&A

Happy to announce that photojournalist Jess Hurd is coming to LSPF to talk about photojournalism and photography, and a Q&A session.


Jess Hurd is a photojournalist and campaigning photographer, supplying images and photo-essays to international newspapers, magazines, trade union journals and NGO’. She has been a London based freelance since 2001 working with a broad range of campaigning organisations on social issues often inadequately covered by the mainstream press.


In the international sphere, she has worked at the global political grassroots – the uprising in Egypt, the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, the Zapatistas in Mexico and urban social movements in Brazil, India, China and Africa.


She is a leading press freedom campaigner and a founder of I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist’, a campaign against police repression.